According to the article 3 of the trafficking in person’s protocol, trafficking in person is defined by three constitutive elements.

  • An Acts [recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of a person]
  • Means used to carry out this act [the threat or use of force, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of abuse of power or of opposition of vulnerability, etc]
  • The purpose of perpetrating the act [exploitation 0f the person, sexual exploitation, exploitation through labour, exploitation through the removal of organs.]

Under Article 3 of the smuggling of migrants protocol, smuggling of migrants are defined as procurement, in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, a financial or other material benefits, of the illegal entry of a person into the country of which the person is not a national or a permanent resident.

Smuggling of migrants differ from trafficking in person through the following elements,

  • Smuggling of migrants is necessarily transnational, while trafficking in person may be transnational or perpetrated within the borders of one state.
  • Smuggling of migrants does not involve the exploitation of a person, while exploitation is the purpose of trafficking in persons and thus a key element of its definition.
  • The consent of a victim of trafficking is irrelevant when any of the means provided for by the protocol against trafficking in persons has been used, while in smuggled migrants have resorted to smugglers to emigrate.
  • SOURCES OF PROFIT. In smuggling of migrates case, the profits are generated by the facilitation of the illegal entry or stay of a person in another country, while in trafficking in persons case, the profits derive is from exploitation of victims.

For several years, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants have become of growing cause of concern in Nigeria the victims are mostly young men, women and children, they are being lured by false promises which they realize only once they arrive at their destination.

They risk their lives by trying to cross the DESERT AND MEDITERRANEAN SEA to get to Europe. It has been reported that criminal networks accept even human organs as a payment from the migrants who are not able to pay for the trip.

Say No to Illegal migration, say no to human trafficking!

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